Tropical Paradise

For my 14-karat gold jewelry collection, I drew inspiration from the tropics this time. The Tropical Paradise collection offers a blend of elegance and adventure. Feel the sun shining wherever you are!
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Gold Jewelry
Exquisite 14-karat gold jewelry with a minimalist design and attention to detail. The timeless design complements every outfit! These gold jewelry pieces are perfect for wearing as statement pieces, but there are also endless possibilities for mixing and matching. Radiate confidence with my Jackie jewelry and be the best possible version of yourself. My jewelry is made from recycled gold and crafted by European goldsmiths.

Arm Candy
Arm candy is the trend of combining multiple bracelets for a unique and personal look. With my 14-karat gold bracelets, you can endlessly mix and match to create your perfect arm candy ensemble. Whether you prefer subtle and refined bracelets or bold and daring designs, I have the ideal selection to meet your desires.

Ear Party
Create a sparkling ear party with my beautiful 14-karat gold Jackie ear jewelry. By mixing and matching studs, earrings, and hoop earrings with pendants, you can create a unique and personal Jackie look.

My golden Jackie necklaces have three loops and are designed to create an equal distance between the layers. By combining multiple necklaces, you can create a beautiful layer. Complete the look with a long necklace (60cm) or one of my Y-necklaces. Want to make a statement? Great! Add a necklace with a gemstone.

Discover the stacking trend with 14-karat gold rings. I have an extensive collection of rings with gemstones, doubles, and signet rings. Perfect for your own unique style.

From vibrant sapphires to protective citrine, my rings with genuine gemstones add colorful accents to your ring stack. Did you know that my double rings are a great option for stacking? These stylish 14-karat gold rings consist of 2 or more bands, creating a voluminous stack!

Every collection is inspired by one of my travels. I take you on a journey from city trips to exotic destinations, where I draw inspiration for my 14-carat gold jewelry collection. The wonders I encounter along the way are the most beautiful! For my first collection, I was inspired by Paris, then I flew to Marrakech and the beautiful Amalfi Coast. I went on a road trip to Brussels, and for my new collection, I traveled to a Catalan gem on the Spanish coast: Barcelona. All these impressions are reflected in the designs.

In the collection, no trend is overlooked! For jewelry, only one rule applies, more=more. Create the most beautiful combinations! Three necklaces, two bracelets, and six rings on one hand are not exceptional.

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