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secrets of marrakech

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how to stack get inspired



Give your outfit a personal touch with my 14-carat gold arm candy! You'll be dizzy with the various possibilities. Choose 2, 3, or 4 bracelets and combine links with beads, gemstones with hearts, or discs with pearls.

My 14-carat gold bracelets are perfect for endless mixing and matching. Whether you love subtle and refined bracelets or bold and daring designs, I have the ideal selection to meet your desires!

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The inspiration for these 14-karat gold jewelry pieces was found at my favorite souk. This market exudes an exotic atmosphere with numerous colorful stalls and the scent of spicy spices.

The colors I incorporated into my Medina jewelry were seen at the stall beneath my favorite rooftop: Nomad. This restaurant with a rooftop terrace in the heart of the Medina is a trendy, cozy, and relaxed hotspot right in the middle of Marrakech. If you ever visit Marrakech, you now know where to go for a delicious lunch!

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I love to layer! With my 14-karat gold necklaces, you can layer endlessly. Want to know how? I'll explain it to you in 3 easy steps.


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1. My necklaces have three loops and are designed to create an equal distance between your layers. Combine 2 or 3 of your favorite Jackie necklaces. Complete your look with a long necklace (60cm) or one of my Y-necklaces.

2. When combining, opt for necklaces with different links and/or pendants. Want to make a statement? Great! Go for a necklace with a gemstone.

3. The combinations for layering are endless. 2, 3, or more necklaces: it's all allowed!

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The Barceloneta necklace is named after the beautiful beach of Barcelona, specifically the Playa de la Barceloneta. The great thing about my 14-karat gold jewelry is that you can wear it on the beach without worry. So, no need to panic when you take a dip in the water.

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Of course, I understand that you can never get enough of gold jewelry. But I also understand that sometimes you may want something different, a different combination. Have you ever seen my jewelry with gemstones?

Each gemstone has its unique properties. Amethyst provides protection, citrine enhances confidence, and topaz supports your personal development.

And let's not forget, the jewelry adds color to your collection!

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jackie pearls

For an elegant evening out or just because you love it. Take your pearl jewelry out of your jewelry box because pearl jewelry is back in style and always wearable. Pearls complete your outfit and give it a classy look.

The baroque pearls I've incorporated into these jewelry pieces remind me of my trip to the Amalfi Coast.

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